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N.Y. Background:

The premiere of N.Y. Background was at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum on December 11, 2015.

Watch this space for additional performances.
The performance is a collaboration with:
Jason Smeltzer     -    theremin
George Quasha    -    percussion
Charles Stein       -    vocals
Julian Sparacino  -    flute, soprano sax and bass cl

Through sensations of depth, sound, and movement, this unique collaborative performance is an instrument to view the city, as it examines the iconic geopolitical landscape of Lower Manhattan in ways not previously experienced. One day in 1903, the filmmaker, J. B. Smith, on assignment for the Thomas A. Edison Co. of West Orange, NJ, took a boat ride down the Hudson. This project takes off from a digital stereoscopic conversion of what Smith saw, what he didn't see, what we see now, what's missing, and what's been added since.  Think of it as a 3D panoramagram, a cinema of variation for both eyes. By varying the modes of perception we experience trans-temporal drift. New York City is revealed to be a panopticon of frenetic urban renewals culminating in postmodern hyperspace, geopolitical tragedy and the entropic effects of climate change. Ultimately a future city emerges, a body-meta interface projected on the background.