© Robert Bowen 2017

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Imagine a house that is an abstracted three-dimensional diagram of what a house might be. Here are photographs of Bioscleave House - Lifespan Extending Villa, located in East Hampton, NY. Bioscleave is a perceptual research station built to study the relationship of the body to built architectural spaces. It was conceived by the artist team, Arakawa and Gins, to whom I am indebted for granting me access to the facility and grounds over the course of many visits spaced over a period of several years.

In these artworks I use a variety of lens-based data capture techniques in conjunction with various types of what I like to think of as “computational cameras.” These photographs are experiments that explore how we perceive the world, and that attempt to teach a camera to see in relation to how we see, rather than the reverse. Throughout this project, I’m attempting to photograph the act of seeing.

NOTE: Also included near the end is a photo from my recent New York exhibition, Hyperbolic Suspension. For this work, working with a group of architects, I designed the physical architectural space that was constructed within the confines of a white box gallery. The blue pole, the dropped ceiling painted green, and the inclined floor painted a tan color, were all specific decisions that create a kind of frame for viewing the two photographs. The intention is that these photographs work together to create a viewing space or optical chamber, where the spectator is invited to glance from image to image in order to experience a sensation of infinity.